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Can you find the meteorite?

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You can obviously see Kim has a sense of humor. Can you see the Meteorite?

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Which one is the meteorite?

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Unfortunately the photo makes it look easy. The rocks to the right are a black basalt and the area was littered with them. The meteorite is about 90-100 grams were not sure as he has no scale to weigh it.

Here are some pics of another trip we took to June 28-30 2002 Roach...Yes it was hot!

Mike&billJun30,2002.jpg (52849 bytes) That's Bill on the left and myself on the right.

BillJensens1stJun28,2002.jpg (49272 bytes) Here Bill has found his first meteorite.

MikeJensenJun28,2002.jpg (59187 bytes) I finally found my first meteorite. It's a 14.56 gram stone.

MikeJensensFirstJun28,2002.jpg (60794 bytes) Can you see it in this picture....Yes it is really there. We came to this area because Kim found some here.

Mikesfirst14.56Grams.jpg (61651 bytes) Now can you see it. I actually found another one here.