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Updated 11/28/06

ALLENDE  Chihuahua, Mexico. Fell 1969, Feb. 8, 0150 hrs Stone. Carbonaceous Chondrite, CV3.
Whole stones (40-80% fusion crust) range in size from 4-11 grams, priced at $12.00 per gram.
Fragments with fusion crust 5-10 grams (specify size) $10.00 per gram.


GOLD BASIN Mohave Co. Arizona. Found 1995. Stone. Ordinary Chondrite, L4. 

14.7g, 22.9g, 24.1g, 39.5g, 47.2g, 85.7g, pieces  $1.00 per gram

HENBURY  Northern Territory, Australia. Found 1931. Iron, Octahedrite medium, IIIAB.
Whole irons priced at 1.25 cents per gram. Sizes from 3-10 grams.

JUANCHENG Shangdong Prov. China. Fell 1997 Feb. 15, 23:23 hrs Stone. OC H5
These are all fresh black whole stones that were recovered soon after the meteorite fell (except as noted).
Priced to move at $3.00/g for the larger ones and $4.00/g for the mid sized and $5.00 for the smaller ones.
59.3g $177.90 80% crust  Not as fresh as others with some "bleeding" but still has jet black f.c..
31.3g $93.90 60% crust  broken end
27.0g $81.00 50% crust                                                                                                                                             25.1g $75.30 60% crust                                                                                                                                             25.8g $77.40 60% crust
Mid sized                                                                                                                                                                    16.4g $65.60 50%crust                                                                                                                                             16.2g $64.80 70% crust
14.7g $58.88 75% crust
10.4g $41.60 60% crust  Some bleeding
6.8g $27.20 75% crust
6.6g $26.40 65% crust
6.4g $25.60 60% crust
4.6g $23.00 90% crust
3.9g $19.50 70% crust
3.2g $16.00 80% crust
2.1g $10.50 90% crust
2.1g $10.50 90% crust

WAGON MOUND Mora Co. NM Found 1932, Spring rec. 1999 Stone. Ordinary Chondrite. L6 TKW 87.5kg
Priced at $2.00/g with crust and $1.50/g without crust
17.2g sliced frag. with fusion crust on one side $34.40
12.3g slice  $18.45,   25.2g sliced    $37.65, 39.4g slice   $59.10
WagonM88.2.jpg (55908 bytes) 88.1g sliced fragment shows brecciated texture $132.15

All of our meteorites are guaranteed authentic.  We will accept returns for 30 days after purchase.  Please note we have a minimum order of $15.  Shipping is $3.00 regular or $4.50 for priority (please specify).  International orders pay actual shipping charges plus $1.00.  We accept cash, check, money orders and PayPal.

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