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1. Buchwald, Vagn. F. 1975 The Handbook of Iron Meteorites. Center for Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University by the University of California Press, Cloth hardcover no DJ as issued, 4to., In slipcase. Vol. 1 "Iron Meteorites in General" 1-243 pp., Vol. 2 "Iron Meteorites Abakan-Mejillones" 245-820 pp., Vol. 3 "Iron Meteorites Merceditas-Zerhamra" 821-1418 pp. Don’t need to say much about this one. VG condition email for availability. Rarity R3

2. Burke, John G. 1986 Cosmic Debris: Meteorites in History. University of California Press: Berkeley. Hardcover in G/VG condition. Ex lib with usual artifacts. Book is separating from binding. Simply the best book on the History of Meteorites. 445 pages. Rarity R2 $45.00

3. Carion, Alain. 1994? Meteorites. Published by the author, Paris, France. English language edition. Soft cover, 8vo VG with rubs on and rear covers. This is a new unread copy of this book. 28 pages $10.00(paired with new second edition only $15 for the set..while supplies last)

4. Clarke, Roy S. Jr., ed. 1993 The Port Orford, Oregon Meteorite Mystery. Smithsonian Contributions to the Earth Sciences, Number 31 Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington. VG+ condition. 43 pages  $35.00.

5. Farrington, Oliver C. 1915. Catalogue of the Meteorites of North America to January 1, 1909. National Academy of Sciences, Volume XIII, Washington. Hardback in G- condition. Ex-lib with usual stamps & markings, spine tore, boards loose. Hard to find book in any condition. 450 pages Rarity R3 $250.00


6. Gomes, C. B.  & Keil, K.   1980. Brazilian Stone Meteorites U of New Mexico Press 1st Ed. 159 pp. Hardback, no DJ as issued. VG condition. Only mark is a couple of bumps to bottom rear cover. First 46 pages cover fairly scientific treatment of meteorites in general. Rest of book includes lots of information and pictures of Angra de Rios the angrite, Governador Valadares a nakhlite, and Ibitira and Serra de Mage both eucrites. In all 21 meteorites are covered. $35.00

7. Grady M. M. & Hutchison, Robert &  McCall, G. J. H. & Rothery, David A. 1998 Meteorites: Flux With Time and Impact Effects Geological Society Pub House. Hardback, no DJ as issued. VG condition. SOLD  278 pp

8. Graham, A., & Beven, A. & Hutchison, R.  1985. Catalogue of Meteorites with special reference to those represented in the collection of the British Museum (Natural History). Fourth edition revised and enlarged. University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona. Hardback, no DJ as issued. Poor condition damaged spine with two 2 inch tears to top. Some minor highlighting inside, minor soiling.  460 pages.  $60.00

9. Hutchison, Robert. 1983 The Search for our Beginning. Oxford U Press. Hardcover VG+ with DJ in VG+ condition. 8vo. 164 pp. $20.00


10. Jensen, M. R., Jensen, W. B. and Black A. 2001 Meteorites from A to Z. Self Published Aurora, CO. 1st edition. Soft cover wire spiral binding, 8vo, 244 pp. new copy.  $25.00


11. King, E. A. 1989 Moon Trip. Houston, TX. New condition in paper wraps   Memoirs of King, who was the first director of the Lunar Receiving Facility and an authority on meteorites and tektites. Includes his story of the recovery of the Allende meteorites. 8vo, 149 pp.  $10.00


12. Lewis, Charles F., Wrona, J. A. & Moore, Carleton B. 1985 Catalog Of Meteorites In The Collections Of Arizona State. Center For Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University. Soft cover in near new condition. Lists all of Nininger's numbers for each of his specimens. 298 pages $30.00

13. Mason, Brian 1962 Meteorites. John Wiley, Blue cloth hardcover with no DJ. ex library with book plate ans single stamp only, bumped corners, VG- condition. 8vo. 274pp. Rarity R2  $50.00


14. Merrill, George P. 1938 Minerals from Earth and Sky Part 1; The Story of Meteorites. Smithsonian Scientific Series: Volume three. 163 pp. bound with “Gems and Gem minerals” 164-322 plus index. Hard back with no DJ as issued, red boards VG condition with minor soiling and yellowing pages. Previous owners inscription on front inside cover. Loads of great and historical photos of meteorites. $30.00


15. Merrill, George P. 1944 Minerals from Earth and Sky, Part 1: The Story of Meteorites. Smithsonian Scientific Series: Volume three. Hardback (red cover), 163 pages in part one (331 pages total in book) Very good condition: Previous owners embossed stamp on title page. Loads of handwritten notes that seem like they came from some who was editing the book. Notes are in pencil and actually add to the interest in the book. $35.00.


16. Norton, O. Richard 2002 The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, Hardcover,VG+/VG book is clean just has scuffs, scratches and mars to dust jacket. No longer in print (since Apr 2008) 354pp SOLD


17. Nininger, H. H. 1952 1959 Out of the Sky: An Introduction to Meteoritics.  Dover Publications, New York 1959. 336pp. Softcover glued wraps. VG+ condition. 336pp. $40.00


18. Nininger, H. H. 1956  Arizona's Meteorite Crater American Meteorite Museum, Sedona,   Hardcover no DJ. Pervious owners stamp on front end paper.. 232pp $75.00

19. Simon, Seymour 1994 Comets, Meteors & Asteroids. New York, Morrow Junior Books, 1st Edition Hard Cover. 4to. Ex-lib with usual artifacts. VG with VG DJ. 32 pp. Kids book with 3 pictures of meteorites & 1 picture of meteor crater.  $2.00


20. Wood, John A. 1968 Meteorites and the Origin of Planets. VG Softcover book. Smudge on front cover. 117 pp.  $20.00 reduced to $10.00


Pamphlets & Reprints

Freeberg, Jacquelyn H. 196? Terrestrial Impact Structures- A Bibliography 1965-1968. USGS Bull. 1320. VG in dark stapled wraps. This updates the previous bulletin plus includes 17 structures not previously mentioned. 39 pp. $10.00

Hovey, Edmund O. 1925 A New Meteoric Stone from Johnstown, Weld County, Colorado. Am. Museum. Novitiates #203 Soft cover NF condition no wraps, uncut sheets.  pictures and maps. Discusses the Johnstown observed fall of July 6th, 1924. Contains maps to fall area lets go hunting. 13 pp. $8.00

Mason, Brian 1974 Notes on Australian Meteorites Stapled papers in VG condition. Reprinted from Records of the Australian museum Vol. 29, pp. 169-186. 18 pp. + 2 plates. $5.00

Simkin, Noonan, Switzer, Mason, Nelen, and Melson 1973 Composition of the Apollo 16 Fines 60051....68822. Original stapled wraps. Reprinted from Geochemica Et Cosmochimica Acta Supplement 1, pp. 279-289. VG condition. 11 pp. $3.00

Tassin, Wirt 1908 On Meteoric Chromites. Original stapled paper wraps in VG condition. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the US National Museum, Vol. XXXIV, pp. 685-690. 6 pp. $3.00

Wilkening, Laural L 1971 Dec. Particle Track Studies and the origin of Gas-Rich Meteorite. Original stapled wraps in VG+ condition ASU Publication #11. 36 pp. $5.00


Carion, Alain. 2002 Meteorites. Revised and updated 2nd ed. Published by the author, Paris, France. English language edition. Soft cover, 8vo. 37 pages $10.00 (paired with an original edition only $15 for the set..while supplies last)

Jensen, Michael R., Jensen, William B. and Black, Anne M. 2008 Meteorites from A to Z third edition.  Privately published book listing 3721 un-numbered Saharan and Antarctic meteorites in the main section.  Also lists approx. 6366 numbered Saharan and Arabian peninsula meteorites in a separate section. Three separate indexes also included listing the over 10,000 meteorites by classification and the main section of 3721 in a convenient geographical and chronological indexes. Softcover plastic spiral bound book with 5.5" X 8.5" pages.  288 pages. $24.95  Meteorites From A to Z

McCall, G. J. H.  ed 2001 Tektites in the Geological Record: Showers of Glass from the Sky. 8vo softcover. One of the best new books on Tektites in quite a few years. A series of scientific articles by numerous well known scientists on most of the tektite strewnfields. Nine chapters. 288 pp. retail $130.00 sale $90.00.

Murphy, Edward C. and Forsman, Nels F. 1998 Meteorites in North Dakota. Everything you ever wanted to know about ND meteorites but were afraid to ask. Softcover book large format, 23 pages.  $9.00

Papike, J. J. Ed. 1998 Planetary Materials. Softcover book. This is an excellent scientific book covering the mineralogy of meteorites with an additional section on lunar rocks. 1014 pp. $45.00

Povenmire, Harold R. 2003 The Encyclopedia of Cosmic Close Encounters. Pub by the author, New in paper wraps, 8vo, 165 pp. Describes known hits by meteorites with mostly man made objects. $21.00

Povenmire, Harold R. 2003 Tektites a Cosmic Enigma. Pub by the author, edited by John A. O'Keefe. New in paper wraps. 8vo, 207 pp. $21.00

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