Wyoming Meteorites

To date 12 meteorites have been found in Wyoming. I have included a map below.


Name Location Find/Fall Classification Group Remarks
Albin(pallasite) Laramie Co. Find 1915 Stony-Iron Pallasite Main Group One mass weighing 37.6 kg was found. Two more masses have since been recovered. TKW over 40 kg.
Albin(stone) Laramie Co. Find 1949 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. L One stone weighing 15.4 kg was found.
Bear Lodge Crook Co. Find 1931 Iron. Medium octahedrite. IIIAB One 48.5 kg mass was found during road repair.
Clareton Weston Co. Find 1931 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. L6 One 1050 g stone was found.
Hat Creek Niobrara Co. Find 1939 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. H4 A 8.9 kg mass was found.
Hawk Springs Goshen Co. Find 1935 Dec. 23 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. H5 Three fragments that fit together weighed 367g.
Lusk Niobrara Co. Find 1940 Iron. Octahedrite A 46 g oxidized mass was found.
Pine Bluffs Laramie Co. Find 1935 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. H One 2.7 kg stone was found.
Rock Springs Sweetwater Co. Find 2003 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. L2 One 52.7 g stone was found by Dave Freeman while hunting for meteorites. P2 P3
Silver Crown Laramie Co. Find 1887 Iron. Coarse octahedrite. IAB One 11.6kg mass was found
Torrington Goshen Co. Fall 1944 Sept. 23 12:30 hrs Stone. Ordinary chondrite. H6 Three stones weighing 259.1 g were recovered.
Waltman Natrona Co. Find 1948 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. L4 A single 23.41 kg mass was found
Willow Creek Natrona Co. Find 1914 Iron. Coarse octahedrite. IIIE A 51 kg mass was recovered.

Wyoming.jpg (30033 bytes)Red = Find  Green = Fall