Montana Meteorites

To date 6 meteorites have been found in Montana. I have included a map below showing the location of each one. Note that all but the most recent, Twodot are irons.

Name Location Find/Fall Classification Group Remarks
Harlowton Wheatland Co. Find 1975 Iron. Medium octahedrite. IAB A single 4 kg mass was found.
Illinois Gulch Powell Co Find 1899 Iron. Ataxite   A 2.5 kg mass was found 4 feet below the surface.
Livingston(Montana) Park Co. Find 1936, October Iron. Medium octahedrite. IIIAB A 1.6 kg mass was found in a Native American grave.
Lombard Broadwater Co. Find 1953 Iron. Hexahedrite IIAB A weathered mass weighing 7 kg was found.
Roundup Musselshell Co. Find 1990 Iron. Medium octahedrite. IIIAB A single 17.59 kg mass was found.
Two Dot(Provisional) Wheatland Co. Find 1999 October Stone. Ordinary chondrite. H6 A 21.5 kg mass was found by an elk hunter

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