Idaho Meteorites

To date 5 meteorites have been found in Idaho. I have included a map below showing the location of each one.

Name Location Find/Fall Classification Group Remarks
Hayden Creek Lemhi Co. Find 1895 Iron. Medium Octahedrite. IIIAB A mass of 270 g was found by a gold prospector at the bottom of a 12 foot shaft.
Jerome(Idaho) Jerome Co. Find 1954 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. L4 A 6.8 kg mass was found.
Oakley(iron) Cassia Co. Find 1926 Iron. Coarse octahedrite. IIIF A 111 kg mass was found.
Parma Canyon Ada Co.? Find 1940 Iron. Octahedrite.   A mass of 2.15 kg was found.
Wilder Canyon Co. Find 1982 Stone. Ordinary chondrite. H5 A single mass weighing 1.97 kg was found in a field 3 miles N of Wilder. Another mass weighing 24.6 kg was recovered in 1997.

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Red = Find