Rare Meteorite Books

What makes a book rare? Well for our definition we will define rarity by the availability of the book on the market. We also only include books, in our opinion, that should be in every respectable meteorite book library. Since we have sold meteorite related books for almost 10 years we will further define it by the books we have seen on the market. Please don't hit the order button when you see the prices as they are the original published prices. We have also only included books of the 20th century. Most books before this time period will be R5.

Let us know your candidates for the list. If we agree we will add them. Updated 05/22/08

Rarity Copies per year  
R1 Common >10 Noteworthy books but not uncommon.
R2 Rare 6-10 Should be able to find one in a year.
R3 Very rare 3-5 Obtainable but at a price.
R4 Extremely Rare 1-2 Would love own a copy of these ourselves.
R5 Ultra Rare 0 Wow we have only seen these in collections

R1 Common

Graham, A. L., Bevan, A. W. R. & Hutchison, R. 1985 Catalogue of Meteorites. 4th ed. British Museum (Natural History), ISBN: 0565009419(London), 0816509123(Arizona). Blue hardcover with no DJ as issued, 4to., 460 pages. This is the so called Blue Book. Contains information not listed in the 5th edition. We both have copies in our collection.

R2 Rare

Burke, John G. 1986 Cosmic Debris Meteorites In History. University of California Press, ISBN: 0520056515. Hardcover with DJ, 8vo., 445 pages. $65.00. You might be surprised to see this one as it is a recently published book. The reason this one is listed is that you rarely find it for sale in the hardcover version. It was created especially for the library market so most copies have all the library markings. Also the price was quite high as $65 would be $104 in 2002 dollars. We both have NF clean copies in our collection.

Mason, Brian 1962 Meteorites. John Wiley & Sons, Inc, ISBN: 1124077790. Blue cloth hardcover with DJ, 8vo., 274 pages. This book is considered a classic works in meteorite classification. Be careful this can be found as a recent b/w softcover reprint. We both have original copies.

Nininger, H. H. 1950 The Nininger Collection of Meteorites. Northfield News Inc., Tan cloth hardcover with no DJ as issued, 8vo., 38 plates, 144 pages. This includes his collection numbers which is helpful in identifying unlabeled specimens. Most of the time his wife Addie also signed the book. We don't run across many of these that are personalized. We find 2 to 3 times as many signed as unsigned. We both have signed copies in our libraries.

Nininger, H. H. 1952 Out of the Sky. The University of Denver Press. Tan cloth hardcover with dust jacket, 8vo., 336 pages plus 52 plates of 170 illustrations. $5.00. This was also issued in a softcover version ($1.85). We rarely find signed softcovers. The softcover or Dover edition was published in 1959. Watch out for rebound editions of the softcover. Most will be ex-library. We both have signed hardcover copies in our libraries.

R3 Very rare

Boyd, George A. ed. 1971 The Published Papers of H. H. Nininger Biology & Meteoritics. Publication No. 9, Center for Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University, Hardcover issued without DJ, 8vo., 784 pages. This volume is a must have for any serious Nininger book collector as it includes numerous articles from a variety of sources. A little known fact is that some copies include an editorial page after page 558. Here is a scan of this page. We have one signed copy in our libraries.

Buchwald, Vagn. F. 1975 The Handbook of Iron Meteorites. Center for Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University by the University of California Press, ISBN: 0520029348. Cloth hardcover no DJ as issued, 4to., Vol. 1 "Iron Meteorites in General" 1-243 pp., Vol. 2 "Iron Meteorites Abakan-Mejillones" 245-820 pp., Vol. 3 "Iron Meteorites Merceditas-Zerhamra" 821-1418 pp. $175.00. This is the classic three volume set in slip case. This monumental work "straightened out" the worlds iron meteorites. I heard a story that several unbound copies were destroyed as the demand for the book was weak!

Clarke, Roy S. Jr. et. al. 1970 The Allende, Mexico Meteorite Shower. Smithsonian Institution Press, Softcover, 4to., 6 tables, 36 illustrations, 53 pages. $1.25 Incredible photos of the fall site and absolutely loaded with information about the fall. Very hard to find this book as it is probably thrown away most of the time. Available as current b/w reprint. We both have original copies.

Farrington, Oliver C. 1915 Catalogue of the Meteorites of North America to January 1, 1909. National Academy of Sciences Volume XIII. Maroon cloth hardcover with no DJ as issued, 4to, 36 plates, 513 pages. It might be old but contains fascinating information about the meteorites discovered up to this time.  Most of the time you will find this book as an ex library book with worn edges. Occasionally this will be rebound. If you want an original it should have maroon boards. We both have copies.

Nininger, H. H. 1933 Our Stone-Pelted Planet A Book About Meteors and Meteorites. Houghton Mifflin Company Edition & H. H. Nininger Edition both printed by The Riverside Press, Blue cloth hardcover book with DJ, 8vo., 237 pages. $3.00 One of my favorite books by Nininger. Loaded with great stories about his hunt for meteorites. We both have signed copies.

Nininger, H. H. 1977 Photographic Study of Surface Features Part 1. Shapes. Softcover, 8vo., 148 pages. This book has so many photos you have to see it to believe it. Hard book to find. The book was cheaply made as the pages are glued in. It is not unusual to see pages missing. We both have copies in our libraries.

Nininger, H. H. 1981 Photographic Study of Surface Features Part 2. Orientation. Softcover, 8vo., 74 pages. Another fantastic book loaded with numerous photos. We both have copies in our libraries.

R4 Extremely Rare

Dodd, Robert T. 1981, reprint 1987 Meteorites: A Chemical-Petrologic Synthesis. Cambridge University Press ISBN: 0521225701. Black cloth hardcover with teal dust jacket, 8vo., 368 pages. Rarely found with a DJ. We have one copy in our collections with DJ.

Kerridge, John F. & Matthews, Mildred S.(Editors) 1988 Meteorites and the Early Solar System. University of Arizona Press, ISBN: 0816510636. Hardcover issued without DJ, 8vo., 1269 pages. This 1200-plus page book brings together the work of 69 scientists from around world. Chapters include research on source regions of meteorites, solar system chronology, compositional trends in chondrites, properties and origins of chondrules. Awesome book but we have only seen three copies of this one.  Available as b/w reprint for $125 Meteorites and the early Solar System We have one copy in our collections.

King, Elbert A. (Editor) 1984 Chondrules and Their Origins. Lunar and Planetary Institute, ISBN: 0942862015, Hardcover with no DJ, 8vo. 375 pages $25.00. Everything you ever wanted to know about chondrules but were afraid to ask. Here is the complete book available online. Chondrules and Their Origins Unfortunately we have had to sell all copies.

Krinov, E., Translated from Russian by J. S. Romankiewicz, Translation Edited by M. M. Beynon 1966 Giant Meteorites. Pergamon Press, ISBN: 0080111211, Hardcover with DJ, 8vo. 221 pages. I really like this book. Loads of pictures and still lots of revelent data. Unfortunately I have always had to sell this one.

Yanai, K., Kojima, H., Koeberl, C., Graham, A.L., and Prinz, M. 1987 Photographic Catalog of the Antarctic Meteorites. National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo, Red hardcover issued without DJ, 8vo., 507 color photos, 298 pages. This book describes 327 specimens collected between 1969-1987 in Antarctica. Photographs are of the specimen and of its accompanying thin section in plane polarized light and cross-nicols. Also includes ternary diagrams of chemical compositions of mineral phases. We have one copy in our library.

Wasson, J. T. 1974 Meteorites: Classification and Properties. New York Springer-Verlag, ISBN: 0387067442(New York), 3540067442(Berlin). Orange cloth hardcover no DJ, 8vo. With 70 figures, 316 pages $31.10. This is volume 10 in a series. Great introduction to meteoritics and meteorite classification. We call this the orange book as it has orange covers. We have both have copies in our collections. Still loaded with lots of great information.

R5 Ultra Rare

Krinov, E., Translated by Vidziunas, Irene, Edited by Brown, Harrison. 1960 Principals of Meteoritics: International Series of Monographs on Earth Sciences, Volume 7.  New York Pergamon Press, ISBN: 0080092861, Oxford, London ISBN: 8188138136. Hardcover with DJ, Blue cloth with gilt title. 8vo. 154 b/w photos 535 pages. Following are the chapter titles: 1) Meteoritics as a Branch of Science 2) Motion and Fall of Meteorites 3) Morphology of Meteorites 4) Chemistry of Meteorites 5) Mineralogy and Petrography of Meteorites  6) Physical Properties of Meteorites  7) Tektites and Silica-Glass  8) The Origin of Meteorites.  We have only ever had one copy for sale. Originally printed in Russia. Unfortunately I have always had to sell this one.

Yanai, K. 1981 Photographic Catalog of Selected Antarctic Meteorites. National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo, Hardcover issued without DJ, 8vo., 178 photographs, 104 pages. So rare it probably deserves its own category.

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