Meteorite & Meteor Crater Related Postcards

In addition to collecting meteorites my brother and I also collect meteorite and meteor crater related postcards. Currently my collections represent over 260 cards each with a combined total of about 340 different cards. I am guessing that there are probably 400-500 different cards ever printed. Unfortunately it takes along time to upload that many cards to the website. Hopefully some day I will have them all up. If there are any you would like to see send me an email and I will do my best to get a scan of the card on this page. updated 03/11/09

Major Types

    1) Craters

             Meteor Crater AZ  Updated 04/07/07

                    7-A-## series

                    X-80## Series

                    E Series

             Kaali Crater Estonia

             Other Craters

             Pseudo Crater Vermont Crater

   2) Meteorites

             Canyon Diablo Updated 03/11/09



            Cape York "Ahnighto"


             Other Meteorites Updated 6/23/06

            Pseudo Meteorites

   3) Meteorite Museums

            American Meteorite Museum Updated 09/20/07

             American Museum of Natural History Updated 02/25/08

             Vienna Museum of Natural History


   4) Meteors




   My Wants updated 02/25/08

If you have any meteorite postcards for sale please send me an email with photo and a price quote. I am interested in unsent and used cards as well as brand new or old cards. Let me know if you collect meteorite postcards. I also have a wants page with more specific information.   My Wants Please take a look and let me know if you have any of these cards.