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updated 10/20/09

I have tried to list some of the more recent meteorite falls in order to better track them as a classified meteorite or classic meteor wrong. It will also help keep the obvious meteorites that don't get classified on a list that can hopefully be updated from time to time. Finally it will be a useful list for me as I just forget what has recently fallen. I have decided to only include possible falls with images since without an image it is little more than a story. So if you know of any I am missing after Dec. 31, 2003 please let me know. I'll keep working on the falls before that date so keep looking back for more updates. Please note all names should be considered proposed at best. Some will certainly change before they are accepted by the Meteoritical Society. email


2009 (5) 2 approved

September 25, 21:03 hrs EDT  Grimsby, Ontario, Canada  Status-highly probable  (First stone recovered ~12 hours after the fall but not recognized for 2 weeks). At least 4 stones weighing  ~135 grams have been recovered. The first stone hit and damaged the window of a SUV before bouncing and hitting the garage door. Meteorite hunters have recovered additional stones.

List of recovered stones link

Grimsby.jpeg (24112 bytes)   Photo by Kaz Novak, the Hamilton Spectator


June 23, 21:22 hrs, Southeastern Arizona, USA  Status-highly probable  (First stone recovered June 25, 44 hours and 58 minutes after the fall.) According to reports by Jack Schrader he has recovered at least one stone weighing 155.6 grams. This is the third fall recovered by a meteorite hunter this year.

9/27/09 update. According to Mike Farmer 16 stones weighing 2.5 kg have been recovered.

Photo Links

1 155.6 g stone

2 327 gram stone


April 09, 03:00 hrs, near Jesenice, Slovenia Status-possible Chondrite (Recovered May 17th, 38 days after the fall.) Looks like German Meteorite hunter Thomas Grau has recovered a 2.35 kg stone. Actually based reports in Slovenia it was found by couple from Spodnje Gorje which is near Bled. Jožef Pretnar and Bojana Krajnc found the stone while walking along a road in the forest. They showed the stone to Thomas Grau who identified it as a meteorite. The recovery area also is a secret but it was found on the Mežakla plateau between the Sava and Radovna rivers probably in the Triglav National Park.

The stone will be shown to the public in October 2009 at the Natural History Museum in Ljubljana. They don't want to relase any images of the stone until then.

impact pit


February 15, ~11:00 hrs, Ash Creek, Texas, USA  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society L6 "Tentative classification by Dr. Alan Rubin" Two small pieces have been recovered by Ron DiIulio, planetarium and astronomy-lab director at the University of North Texas and his colleague Preston Star. Here is a list of over 260 stones weighing close to 11 kilograms that have been recovered by numerous meteorite hunters. Recently a 1.5 kg, 1.7 kg and 1.673kg stones have been recovered though most are under 50 grams.

601-Meteor-2.embedded.prod_affiliate.58.jpg (59547 bytes) photo credit STAR-TELEGRAM/MAX FAULKNER

Piece recovered by Mike Farmer, Moritz Karl, Robert Ward and Shauna Russell story

Farmer0texas.jpg (9358 bytes) photo credit (Rod Aydelotte Waco Herald-Tribune)


January 17, 20:08 hrs  Maribo, Lolland Island, Denmark  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  CM2 According to a news report several fragments of one meteorite has been recovered by German meteorite hunter Thomas Grau. Story in Danish. Another followup story in Danish with better closeup images of the recovered pieces. Based on the images below it sure looks like a carbonaceous chondrite. English story about the meteor.

denmark.jpg (38661 bytes) photo credit NIELS CHRISTENSEN

denmarkas found.jpg (67574 bytes) photo credit Thomas Grau

denmarkcrust.jpg (46554 bytes) Denmark close.jpg (42017 bytes) photo credit U of Copenhagen, Geological Museum, Natural History Museum of Denmark


2008 (10) 4 approved

December 20, 22:37 hrs, Tamdakt, Morocco Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society H5 Though exact fall details are sketchy several large fragments have recovered so far. I would estimate at least 35-50 kg have been recovered. Unfortunately it fell in a snowy mountainous region so pieces not recovered soon after the fall will be quickly oxidized.

Tichka 224.jpg (14684 bytes)   Tichka 3473b.jpg (89553 bytes)

Tichka 3473a.jpg (100294 bytes) Tichka 3032.jpg (85423 bytes) Images courtesy Alhyane Abdelaziz


November 20, 17:27 hrs. Buzzard Coulee, Saskatchewan, Canada  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H4  On Nov. 28 at least two meteorites have been recovered from the frozen surface of a farmers pond. Here is an article with lots of images of the meteorites. Another article mentions 12 pieces have been found weighing 10 - 250 grams. Here is a nice google map of the area where they have been recovered. Another news story of a 13 kg monster that has been recovered. Still more recovery stories here. At least 125 pieces weighing over 41 kg have been recovered with many more to yet be recovered.

   wpe7.jpg (19260 bytes)    wpe8.jpg (20419 bytes)     photo credit Jordan Verlage/Sun Media

October 7, 05:46 hrs local (02:46 UT). near station 6 (Almahata Sitta), Northern, Sudan  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society Ureilite (based on studies by Michael Zolensky) Article Several pieces of this fall have been recovered near the projected recovery area. This one made worldwide news when the body named 2008 TC3 was discovered in space about 24 hours before impact with earth. A team lead by Peter Jenniskens has recovered 280 stones weighing ~5kg with the largest weighing 280 grams.

322092main_pointing.jpg (229538 bytes) photo courtesy of NASA Sudan-close.jpg (155694 bytes)

Muawia Shaddad of the University of Khartoum, Sudan and NASA meteor astronomer Peter Jenniskens join students of the University of Khartoum at the location of one of the larger finds from the first search campaign, Dec. 8, 2008.

322024main_meteorite3rd-22-516.jpg (127031 bytes) photo courtesy of NASA

A typical example of a meteorite remnant linked to asteroid 2008 TC3, with a dark scruffy texture.

321917main_Zolensky3-516.jpg (68720 bytes) photo courtesy of NASA

Meteorite sample linked to asteroid TC3.

Sudan-postcard.jpg (92210 bytes)  Credit: P. Jenniskens, et. al.

Macroscopic features of the Almahata Sitta meteorite.
a, Evidence of clasts in meteorite no. 7 (1 cm diameter) in a fresh fracture surface induced by pressure in the laboratory. b, Meteorite no. 15 (4 cm
diameter), in situ, shows rounded shape of ablated surface. c, Meteorite no. 4 (14 g), placed on aluminium foil, shows the dark interior of a surface
fractured upon impact. d, Meteorite no. 14 (237 cm), in situ, shows millimetre-sized grains in a weathered surface that was broken before
impact. e, Back side of perfectly oriented meteorite no. 5 (10.9 g), with a front shell exhibiting thick radially flowing crust and a thinly crusted aft-shell.
f, The very homogeneous course-grained broken surface of large meteorite no. 16 (10 cm diameter). courtesy Nancy Atkinson

322049main_treasure2.jpg (1880121 bytes)

Image courtesy NASA Ames/SETI/JPL

September 12, 08:30 hrs Sulagiri Hosur taluk in Krishnagiri dist., Tamil Nadu, India  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society LL6  A meteorite fell in Attakuruki and Kamanadody in Article about the fall. Unfortunately very little information is available about the fall online. But the good news is Svend Buhl had done much follow-up research on the fall. According to his report 8 stones mostly broken weighing 30-40 kg have been recovered. Here is his report.

Here is another article showing several of the masses plus some more impact pits.

wpe5.jpg (11018 bytes) photo from The Hindu by N. Bashkaran

wpe7.jpg (47011 bytes) Accompanying article


June 1221:45 hrs local time. Undisclosed location in Romania. Status-probable Andrei Razvan has reported that a 6.2 kg stone has been recovered. A fireball was seen in three counties by several witnesses. The stone impacted around l0 meters from the finder. Andrei believes it is an ordinary chondrite based on XRF Fe measurements. At the present time little additional information is known about this fall.

 Romanian in place2.jpg (183599 bytes) Romanian in place.jpg (28901 bytes) images courtesy of Andrei Razvan. Copyright by the original finder. Used with permission.

Romania1.jpg (11686 bytes)Romanian2.jpg (7527 bytes) images courtesy of and copyright by Andrei Razvan. Used with permission.


April 12, 16:50 hrs  Zunhua, Hebei, China  Status-highly probable  According to Michael Farmer a meteorite has penetrated the roof of a house. He has recovered 62 grams from a ~4kg stone. Please see his site for images and more information about this fall. Michael Farmer Meteorites


April 6, 22:03 hrs  Berduc, Entre Ríos, Argentina  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  L6  The video below shows several small stones and one fist sized piece. One source stated a 700 gram stone was recovered along with 4 or 5 smaller stones. That is probably based on the video.

****Mike Farmer recently visited the site and believes that at least 6 kg have been recovered with numerous small pieces yet to be recovered. Here is a fascinating field trip narrative with several images of recovered stones from Mike Farmer Meteorites.

meteoro_peter.jpg (13510 bytes) (Image from video)   Video

Possibly the 700 gram stone

craterberduc1.jpg (90480 bytes)berduc1.jpg (28976 bytes) images from La Asociación Entrerriana de Astronomía (AEA)

March 7 (on or before), 11:20 hrs   Yaka, Fethiye dist, Mugla, Turkey  Status-possible A local farmer heard a loud noise and observed a dust cloud in his wheat field shortly after impact. A 2.5 kg stone was recovered from a small crater. Several pieces have been removed from the main mass by locals as souvenirs. Unfortunately I can find no sources for the exact date of the fall. Currently the stone is being studied at the Mining and Exploration Institute (MTA).

Yaka hole.jpg (9357 bytes)  Yaka observ.jpg (16622 bytes)    Yaka damaged.jpg (43967 bytes)


January 24, 17:20 hrs   Santa Lucía, Argentina Status-highly probable  Looks like one whole stone has been recovered weighing 1.901kg. The fall was observed by several witnesses. This piece is being studied at CASLEO (Astronomical complex at El Leoncito). They have determined it to be an ordinary chondrite and have sent a sample to the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. McCartney Taylor has recovered an additional 2.3 kg of individuals.

Santa Lucia.jpg (9665 bytes)©Diario de Cuyo


January 1,  00:30 hrs, local time  Glumpang, Gianyar Dist., Bali, Indonesia  Status-possible  At least 3 fragments have been recovered from a 30 cm deep x 110 cm diameter pit in a rice field. Pieces are being studied at the Indonesian Space Agency.


Interesting article in Indonesian about the orbit of the meteor;

Indonesian translation site

2007 (8) 7 approved


September 15, 11:45 hrs Carancas, Peru  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H4-5 A very large meteorite impacted and has produced a large crater. At least 20 kg of meteorite fragments have been recovered with at least 1/2 being in the form of dust.

carancas.jpg (40104 bytes)


July 20, 04:43 hrs Bunburra Rockhole, South Australia, Australia Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  Eucrite  A bright fireball was caught on the Desert Fireball Network cameras. After calculating a strike zone two fragments were recovered. The pieces weighed 150 grams and 174 grams.

wpe5.jpg (24047 bytes)

July 6, 16:33 hrs Cali, Columbia  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H/L4 Based on field searches by Mike Farmer and Robert Ward several meteorites have been recovered. This is a true hammer as pieces have hit several buildings. At least 10 pieces weighing 478 grams have been recovered.


cali.jpg (11992 bytes)Photo Credit

Early news report 1

Mike Farmers account of recovery Story


July 2 or 3 daytime Chergach, Gao, Mali  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H5  Up to 100kg have been recovered along the Mali/Algeria border. This could turn out not to be a fall as precise details pertaining to the time of the fall is unknown.

cher334f.jpg (138607 bytes)Chergach250.jpg (48146 bytes) Picture of a 334 g whole stone and a 250 gram lot of smaller stones.


May 27, 18:30 hrs  Xianghe farm, Heilongjiang, China  Status-highly probable  Looks like a single 1023.4 stone that broke into three pieces has been recovered. This new fall has been reported by Ma Lan of Bejing China. I will include the story of the recovery when I get more time.

Xianghe-crater.jpg (104596 bytes)Xianghe-broken.jpg (84494 bytes)Xianghe-whole.jpg (105400 bytes) Images courtesy of Ma Lan


May 10, 19:57 hrs  Puerto LáPice, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain   Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society   Eucrite  Based on an image in a Spanish newspaper this looks like a brecciated meteorite. At least 32+ pieces weighing ~500 grams have been recovered.

Early news report 1

La Mancha.jpg (12053 bytes) photo credit

Images from Mike Farmers site


March 12, 09:30 hrs Bloomington, Illinois, USA Status-Man Made  This piece received almost as much press as the Jan 2 Freehold Township object. It was later confirmed to have been thrown out of a wood chipper. See news report 2.

News Report 1 2

 Bloomington.jpg (67822 bytes)Photo credit (Pantagraph, David Proeber)


February 21, 09:10 hrs  Mahadevpur, near Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh, India  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society H4/5  At least four stones weighing ~60 kg have been recovered. A 3.4 kg fell through the roof of a house and landed in the living room.


February 1, 17:30 hrs  Didim, Turkey  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society H3-5  At least three stones weighing 500, 846 and 2340 grams have been recovered.

Early news report

turkey.gif (43064 bytes) Photo credit


January 2, night before 9PM  Freehold Township, New Jersey, USA   Status-Manmade   This piece garnered lots of press but it turned out to be a manmade object.

 wpe5.jpg (14431 bytes) Photo Credit: AP Photo/ Det. R. Gelber of Freehold township Police Department


2006 (6) 5 approved


October 16, 04:00 hrs   Bassikounou, Mauritania  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H5 Multiple stones have been recovered with up to 100 kg being recovered. Pieces are being sold by numerous dealers.

bass165.jpg (101214 bytes) Photo Courtesy Mike Jensen

165 g sample with shock vein.


August 29, 13:37 hrs  Kavarpura, Rajasthan, India  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society IIE-an. A 6.8 kg iron has been recovered. It is being studied at the Geological Survey of India.

Early news report 1

 Kanvarpura.jpg (20591 bytes)photo credit


July 31, 21:28 hrs   Jodiya, Jamnagar dist., Kutch, Gujarat, India Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  L5  Pieces are being studied at the Physical Research Laboratory in India. Another hammer stone.

News article 1 2 3

kutch.gif (19522 bytes) photo credit  Kutch roof.gif (26134 bytes) photo credit


July 14, 10:20 hrs  Moss Ostfold, Norway  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  CO 3.6   Five stones weighing 3.76 kg have been recovered.

News articles 1 2

 moss.jpg (16839 bytes)photo credit Morton Billet

700 g specimen recovered from the roof of a warehouse.


May 21, 07:30 hrs Werdama, Al-Beda, Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar, Libya  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H5  Five pieces weighing 4-5 kg have been found.


January 31, 16:30 hrs Shingpara, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh  Status-Possible  A 2.5 kg object was recovered from a 1+ meter deep pit, according to this website   .

News article 1 Lots more high resolution photos that show more interesting characteristics. here


Shingpara.jpg (61909 bytes) Shingpara impact.jpg (171869 bytes)photos courtesy of

2005 (2) none approved

June 25th, 23:08 hrs Bhunka, Rajasthan, India Status-Probable  A 2.5 kg iron is being studied in India at the GSI. Pdf with image

photo credit Geological Survey of India


January 24th, morning Banteay Meachey Province, Cambodia  Status-Possible  A 4.5 kg stone was recovered from a 20 cm pit. It was said to be warm to the touch when first picked up. Some stories mention it started rice fields on fire but another story mentioned that the villagers saw it as a bad omen and set the fields on fire to chase away the demons. The fields had just been harvested so the villagers would probably light them on fire to clear them anyway. Unfortunately I can't find a single image of the object. There are probably images on the net but I can't spell meteorite in Cambodian.  ref1 ref2


2004 (7) 6 approved


November 22, 11:45 GMT  Benguerir Morocco  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  LL6 Several stones were recovered with a total recovered weight of over 25 kg.


November 8, 18:15 hrs  Orlando, Florida, USA Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society Eucrite A single 180 gram stone was recovered after hitting the side of a house and a car.


October 28, 16:30 hrs  Kaprada  Valsad, Gujarat, IndiStatus-Approved by the Meteoritical Society   L5/6  A single stone weighing   ~1.6 kg was recovered.


October 5, 13:33 hrs Berthoud, Colorado, USA  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  Eucrite  A single stone weighing almost 1kg was recovered.

Article I wrote here

Berthoud.jpg (50247 bytes)

August 1, 12:30 hrs  Maigatari-Danduma Niger-Nigeria  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society H5/6 Two stones have been recovered weighing 4.6 kg.

Link to an image here


June 12, 09:30 hrs   Auckland, New Zealand  Status-highly probable   A 1.3 kg stone crashed through the roof of a house and damaged a sofa. It has not been classified.

auckland.jpg (18479 bytes) photo credit Australian Broadcasting Corp


January 4, 17:47 hrs   Villalbeto de la Pena Spain  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society L6 At least 18 stones have been recovered weighing 2.5 kg.

Link to image here


2003(not complete)

November 2, 17:00 hrs  Kasauli, Uttar Pradesh, India Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H4 A single 16.82 kg stone was recovered from an oval shaped crater.

October 16, 02:00 hrs UT  Oum Dreyga, Western Sahara Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H3-5 Numerous fragments weighing 17 kg have been recovered.

September 27, 18:30 hrs  Kendrapara Orissa, India  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society H4-5 Three pieces weighing 6,668 grams were recovered.

September 23, 16:05 hrs  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H5   A single 19.256 kg stone crashed through the bathroom of a house. An additional 100 grams were recovered in the surrounding neighborhood.

March 26, 23:50 hrs  Park Forest, Illinois, USA  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  Several stones were seen to fall hitting numerous man made objects. TKW is at least 18 kg.

February 1, 22:30 hrs  Hiroshima, Japan   Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H5   A 414g stone was recovered from the room of a building.

2002(not complete)

July 21, 19:30 hrs  Kilabo, Nigeria  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  LL6 At least 19 kg of fragments have been recovered.

July 21, 13:49 hrs GMT Thuathe, Lesotho  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H4/5 At least 30 kg of stones have been recovered and probably much more.

July 5, 18:30 hrs  Maromandia, Madagascar  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  L6  Two pieces weighing approx. 6kg were recovered.

June 6, 18:00 hrs  Bhawad, Rajasthan India  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  LL6  A 678 gram stone was recovered.

April 6,  20:20 UT  Neuschwanstein, Germany  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  EL6 Three stones weighing 6215 g have been recovered.

March 18  Alby sur Chéran, France  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society Eucrite  A 262 gram stone was found in a hole in the roof of a building.

February 20, 06:45 hrs  San Michele, Marache, Italy  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  L6  A 237 gram stone was found after it penetrated the roof of a house.

Image courtesy of Matteo Chinelato

February 11  Bensour, Morocco  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society   LL6 At least 45 kg have been recovered.


2001(not complete)

July 9, 04:00 hrs Bukhara, Uzbekistan   Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society CV3  A single 5.3 kg stone was seen to fall in a field.

February 12, 16:00 hrs Devgaon, India  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society H3.8 A single 12 kg stone was recovered.

February 8, 06:45 hrs Al Zarnkh, Sudan  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  LL5 A 700 gram fusion crusted stone was recovered by villagers.

January 8, 03:00 hrs Beni M'hira, Tunisia  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  L6   At least 16 kg have been recovered.

2000(not complete)


August 22 Gasseltepaoua, Burkina Faso  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H5

July 15, 14:45 GMT  Yafa, Yeman  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H5

May 6, 11:51:52 UT Morávka, Czech Republic  Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society  H5

January 18, 08:43:42 Tagish Lake, Canada Status-Approved by the Meteoritical Society C2-ungrouped