Gao, Mali fell July 2007 TKW >100 kg

All prices are in USD. Postage will be actual cost plus $1.00. All photos show a 1 cm cube which is not included with the lots. Updated 06/11/08



CHE 101   Nearly 100% crusted with just under 50% primary and just over 50% secondary. My best and largest piece. 334.88 g  $1100.00

cher334f.jpg (138607 bytes)che334b.jpg (180278 bytes)


CHE 102   Nice 95+% crusted individual. I really love the pyramidal shape of this one. 237.80 g  $773.00

che237f.jpg (140366 bytes)che237b.jpg (135529 bytes)

CHE 103 This one reminds me of a boomerang. A fine 95+% crusted beauty.  185.09 g  $648.00

che185f.jpg (173294 bytes)che185b.jpg (170934 bytes)

CHE 104  Another 95+% crusted beauty with a tiny area of secondary crust. 143.46 g  $502.00

che143f.jpg (143295 bytes)che143b.jpg (137701 bytes)


CHE 105    Really rich black fc and an incredibly special price on this one. 65.24 g $147.00

che065f.jpg (158226 bytes)che065b.jpg (167795 bytes)

CHE 106  90+% crusted. Hard to see from the picture but this one is loaded with tiny weakly defined thumbprints. 58.57 g  $220.00

che58f.jpg (125664 bytes)che58b.jpg (158903 bytes)

CHE 107   56.27 g  SOLD

che056f.jpg (119872 bytes)che056b.jpg (120810 bytes)

CHE 108   54.00 g  SOLD


CHE 109 only 50% crusted and priced accordingly.  48.75 g  $122.00

che048f.jpg (124061 bytes)che048b.jpg (142925 bytes)


CHE 110  Somewhat rusted with 60% crust.Photos actually magnify the rust as it is not quite that pronounced. 48.55 g  $121.00

che4855f.jpg (242033 bytes)che4855b.jpg (232130 bytes)

CHE 111 40% crusted.  47.44 g  SOLD

che047f.jpg (133456 bytes)che047b.jpg (138524 bytes)


CHE 112  An unusually rounded stone with a couple of large deep thumbprints.This one has loads of character. I will keep this one for myself if it does not sell. 85+% crusted. 44.59 g  $167.00

che044f.jpg (123518 bytes)che044b.jpg (125474 bytes)

CHE 113 Only 55% crusted but what incredible deep thumbprints.  43.69 g  SOLD

che043f.jpg (142396 bytes)che043b.jpg (124561 bytes)

CHE 114 The first face has an unusual two toned crust that cannot be seen in the picture. Another 80% crusted beauty.  42.39 g  $159.00

che042f.jpg (129911 bytes)che042b.jpg (127584 bytes)

CHE 115  75 % crusted with loads of nice thumbprints. 41.65 g  $156.00

che041f.jpg (128450 bytes)che041b.jpg (136089 bytes)

CHE 116  Only 60% crusted but what is there is very dark rich black color. Hard to put into words how nice this stone looks. 41.43 g  $145.00

Che41.43f.jpg (132211 bytes)Che41.43b.jpg (130206 bytes)

CHE 117 Though not as fresh as some of the others still a gorgeous 98% crusted stone with loads of character.  40.33 g  $151.00

che040f.jpg (123645 bytes)che040b.jpg (126248 bytes)

CHE 118 Just when you think they cannot get any better you see this one. It has an unusual saucer shaped protrusion that you can just see in the top of the first image. Fresh 95% crusted beauty.  38.46 g  $144.00

che038f.jpg (128737 bytes)che038b.jpg (126000 bytes)

CHE 119 Nice 60% crusted stone with some secondary crust that is shown in the first image. You just will not see it cheaper than this one.  34.75 g  $78.00

che034f.jpg (127371 bytes)che034b.jpg (131490 bytes)

CHE 120 I am almost out of superlatives but must mention this killer stone. One side is flat with the other side having a crude thumbprinting. Super 95+% crusted little cutie.  33.38 g  $133.50

che033f.jpg (128883 bytes)che033b.jpg (125274 bytes)

Investor/Wholesale lots

100 gram lots $3.00/g

The is just a representation of what you will get. Most piece will be 50-95% crusted (average around 70+%). I will also either include a 98+% crusted stone or an uncut impact melted stone. The piece in the lower left corner is an impact melted piece (note the dark band in the bottom of the stone).

Chergach100.jpg (245697 bytes)

250 gram lots $2.75/g

These will consist of somewhat larger pieces but will have many sub 20 gram stones as well. As I mentioned for the 100g lot I will also either include a 98+% crusted stone or an uncut impact melted stone. This is also just a representation of the lot you will receive.

Chergach250.jpg (259752 bytes)

I will also have 500 gram lots(not pictured) $2.50/g which could have stones up to 75 grams but will have many individuals under 25 g as well. The 1 kg lots(not pictured) are priced at $2.25/g if anyone is interested in a larger lot.

Here are some really nice smaller pieces. Small Chergach