Chergach IMB

While it is listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin as an impact melt only a tiny percentage of the pieces exhibit this structure. Most of the time they are the smaller pieces. I was lucky enough to get this larger piece. Most of the slices show a lighter colored H5 chondritic portion, melt veins and shock darkened chondritic sections.

12.62 g Small bit of lighter colored H5 chondrite portion on the bottom. Shows a little lighter than in this image. $126.00

che12.jpg (371850 bytes)


17.82 g $178.00

che17.jpg (318312 bytes)


18.34 g end cut At least 80% of the back side is crusted.   $200.00

che18.jpg (403085 bytes)



19.75 g Showy whole slice. $200.00

che19.jpg (436608 bytes)


20.34 g Lots of larger metal inclusions. One in the chondritic portion and one in the melt portion. $190.00

che20.jpg (439014 bytes)


21.66 g Largest slice.  $215.00

che22.jpg (486966 bytes)



124.61 g This is the remaining 1/2 stone. $7/g

che124.jpg (355598 bytes)