Here is a complete set of the major signed Nininger books. It includes six hardcovers, two softcovers, three pamphlets and a Meteorite Crater Study Kit. We offered and sold this as a complete set. Make sure if you ever purchase a signed book the signature is genuine. Due to the value attached to a signed book you can see how tempting it would be to add a signature. The majority of the time he also dated the books he signed though this was less common with the pamphlets.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

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1 Boyd, George A ed. 1971 The Published Papers of H.H. Nininger Biology & Meteoritics This volume is a must have for any serious Nininger book collector as it includes numerous articles from a variety of sources. HC with no DJ as issued. Includes editorial page after page 558. It is actually quite interesting so I have included it below. 784 pages.

Publishedpapers.jpg (321560 bytes)                PP558.jpg (1244378 bytes)Page 558     PP558a.jpg (663523 bytes) Editorial from Dr Moore

2 Nininger, H. H. 1950 The Nininger Collection of Meteorites HC with no DJ as issued. This includes his collection numbers which is helpful in identify unlabeled specimens. Most of the time his wife Addie also signed the book. We don't run across many of these that are personalized. We find 2 to 3 times as many signed as unsigned. 38 plates, 144pages.

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3 Nininger, H. H. 1972 Find a Falling Star HC with Dust Jacket. This is his last hardcover book and is an awesome book to read. This was also issued in a softcover version. 254 pages.

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4 Nininger, H. H. 1952 Out of the Sky HC with Dust Jacket. This was also issued in a softcover version. We rarely find signed softcovers. The softcover edition was published in 1959 by Dover. Watch out for rebound editions of the softcover. Most will be ex-library. 336 pages.

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5 Nininger, H. H. 1933 Our Stone Pelted Planet HC with Dust Jacket. Hard to find signed or unsigned. 237 pages.

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6 Nininger, H. H. 1956 Arizona's Meteorite Crater HC with dust Jacket. This was also issued in a softcover version. Has two varieties showing either yellow or orange lettering on the cover. 232 pages.

AZ Met Crater.jpg (153456 bytes)

7 Nininger, H. H. 1977 Photographic Study of Surface Features Part 1. Shapes Softcover. This book has so many photos you have to see it to believe it. Hard book to find. The book was cheaply made as the pages are glued in. It is not unusual to see pages missing. Very rare signed. 148 pages.

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8 Nininger, H. H. 1981 Photographic Study of Surface Features Part 2. Orientation Softcover. Another fantastic book loaded with numerous photos. Very Rare Signed. 74 pages.

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9 Nininger, H. H. 1961 Ask A Question About Meteorites Softcover booklet. 87 pages.

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10 Nininger, H. H. 1953 A Comet Strikes the Earth Softcover booklet. Several editions of this book have been published. The 1969 edition is the most common. 76 pages.

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11 Nininger, H. H. 1947 Chips from The Moon Softcover booklet. 41 pages.

aChips.jpg (137935 bytes)          Chips2.jpg (461680 bytes) 

12 Nininger, H. H. 1969 Meteorite Crater Study Kit Kit includes Meteorite fragment, oxidized fragment, impactite and metallic spheroids. It also contains a signed "A Comet Strikes The Earth".

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