New Raymer Bassikounou

All prices are in USD. Postage will be actual cost plus $1.00. All photos show a 1 cm cube which is not included with the lots. Updated 02/29/08



NEW 101 New Raymer LL4 Colorado Found 1995  TKW 3.4 kg  Just recently classified MB 89. A 3.4kg stone was recovered by an artifact hunter. He noticed the stone was quite unusual and was quite similar to other meteorites he had seen before. He brought the stone to Jack Murphy of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science who was giving a presentation in Julesburg on the like-named meteorite. After this new stone was confirmed to be a meteorite he returned several times but was unable to find any more pieces. It has been classified an LL4 which is the only second such meteorite classified in CO with Kelly being the first one. Only 202 LL4's are listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin DB with only 7 others in the USA( El Paso, Greenwell Springs, Hamlet, LV 002 & 022, Kelly and RC049) 15.10 g  SOLD


NEW 102 New Raymer LL4 Colorado Found 1995  TKW 3.4 kg  2.29 g  SOLD


NEW 103 New Raymer LL4 Colorado Found 1995  TKW 3.4 kg  2.15 g  SOLD



Campo del Cielo  Silicated This is just an incredible slice that is just loaded with silicates. It has been expertly prepared and polished to a mirror finish on one side. 66.2 grams $100.00

campo66.jpg (194982 bytes)


Bassikounou H5 Fell Oct. 16, 2006

Most of these small whole look like they have red rust colored weathering in these images but it is very hard to see with the naked eye.



BA 100 99.42 grams  80% crusted  This stone will display really well as the broken face will serve as a good base. $323.00

bassi99.jpg (111934 bytes)

BA 101  98 % crusted, 40% primary & rest secondary crust. Really sharp larger stone. The red is exaggerated in this photo as it is not visible to the naked eye. 15.60 g  $94.00 reduced $78.00


BA 102  An awesome 99% crusted beauty. The collector in me just hates to sell such beauties but I can't keep them all! 12.47 g  $75.00 reduced $62.75


BA 103  100% crusted black beauty.  4.69 g  $35.00



BA 105 90+% crusted with some possible secondary crust 3.69 g  $28.00


BA 106   100% crusted beauty. 3.60 g  $27.00


BA 107  Another perfect 100 % crusted stone. 3.58 g   $27.00


BA 108  100% crusted with 20-25% secondary rest primary crust. 3.31 g   $25.00


BA 109  99% crusted stone with some interesting surface features.  3.18 g  $24.00