NWA Unclassified

All prices are in USD. Postage will be actual cost plus $1.00. All of these are unclassified meteorite from North West Africa. Photos show a 1 cm cube which is not included with the lots.


B100 Largest piece in this lot. These are getting harder and harder to obtain. Overall a very pleasing shape with 90% fusion crust. This one is a much higher quality piece than you usually see in the big ones. 1700 g  SOLD

  uncl1700.jpg (153256 bytes)

B101  Really nice quality with an unusual flat piece.  684.5 g  $205.00

uncl0684.jpg (148099 bytes)

B102 Rich black fusion crust with contraction cracking still visible. 75% crusted 647.4 g  $194.00 HOLD

uncl0647.jpg (164462 bytes)


B103 I love the crust on this one. 50% crusted beauty   314.2 g SOLD

uncl0314.jpg (125560 bytes)


B104 I picked these out from a 25 kg lot. It has a pleasing shape and deep thumbprints. 264.3 g SOLD

uncl0264.jpg (139685 bytes)

B105 Nice dark crust painted with rust. Very nice pyridimidal shape.190.8 g $67.00

uncl0190.jpg (152851 bytes)

B106 Typical desert meteorite. 124.5 g $38.00

uncl0124.jpg (154242 bytes)

B107 You just don't find many this small and this nice. 90.1 g $68.00

uncl0090.jpg (114226 bytes)