Stock Certificate

Nice original stock certificate from the Crater Mining Company. It was set up before the well known Meteor Crater Exploration and Mining Company of Barringer fame. Barringer signed a lease with the US Smelting and Refining company to help find the great iron mass that was sure to be buried below the surface. Extremely rare with fewer than 10 copies are known to exist.  Compared to at least 100 known Meteor Crater Mining and Exploration company stock certificates. $1500.00 reduced to $1000!!!!!!

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If you want a copy suitable for framing I have color copies of the stock in my collection. This is a copy that was made by a professional printer on extra heavy paper. It was not just made on a photocopier with plain 20 lb. paper. $14.95 each.

Albin Pallasite This nearly complete slice has several rust spots that I will take care of once the specimen has been sold. Weight is approximately 326 grams(weight will be slightly less after it has been repolished).   $8150.00

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Brenham Meteorite Coin

This beautiful $5 silver coin has been issued by the Cook Islands. The silver proof coin which is partially palladium plated helps further highlight the beauty of the coin. Each coin contains a genuine piece(s) of outer space olivine from the famous Brenham Pallasite. It has a limited issue of 2500 coins so be sure to buy one before they are sold out. They have been selling fast so make sure you pick one up quickly or you might just have to pay higher prices later. Coin diameter 38.61mm, weight 25 grams and .925 fine silver.

Also includes a cherry stained wood case, plastic holder for the coin, certificate of authenticity, and a box to protect the entire package. All items can be seen in the photo. SOLD

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Please email me if you see anything you just gotta have.