Unclassified NWA's A 200's

All prices are in USD. Postage will be actual cost plus $1.00. If there is no location listed the meteorite should be considered an unclassified meteorite from North West Africa. All photos show a 1 cm cube which is not included with the lots.



A210  47.4 g $12.00

A210.jpg (107722 bytes)

A212 Awesome crusted fragment. 41.0 g $11.50

A212.jpg (92109 bytes)

A214 Mostly crusted fragment with a tad more orange that the photo shows. Not an NWA 869. 72.6 g $ 29.00

A214.jpg (116716 bytes)

A215 35.2 g  Really nice crust on 25% of this stone. $10.50

A215.jpg (107059 bytes)

A217 Very nice smaller stone 44.5 g $13.50

A217.jpg (103353 bytes)

A218 Very thick partial slice of NWA 869. 84.2 g $21.00

A218.jpg (115324 bytes)

A219 Lots of assorted sliced fragments. 248.2 g $49.50

A219.jpg (104829 bytes)

A226  Nice cut face shows the typical interior of a NWA869. Also has a cut on the bottom. 843.6 g  $156.00

a226.jpg (121105 bytes)

A233 Nice desert crust. Very cute nearly complete stone(only bottom is missing). 41.6 g  $9.00

a233.jpg (101279 bytes)

A235 Very attractive corner section of what was a very nice whole stone. 27.6 g  $6.50

a235.jpg (106665 bytes)

A238  48.2 g  $10.50

a238.jpg (99250 bytes)

A239 Nice crust on this odd shaped partial stone. 46.9 g  $11.50

a239.jpg (94801 bytes)

A240 Nice crust on this stone. 48.3 g  $9.50

a240.jpg (96295 bytes)

A242  73.5 g  $15.50

a242.jpg (96290 bytes)

A243 Nice lot. 177.1 g  $35.50

a243.jpg (102089 bytes)

A244  Makes a great giveaway for kids. 190.9 g  $38.00

a244.jpg (105753 bytes)