A100 - A158

All prices are in USD. Postage will be actual cost plus $1.00. If there is no location listed the meteorite should be considered an unclassified meteorite from North West Africa. All photos show a 1 cm cube which is not included with the lots.


A105 I love the crust on this one. It is a nice rusty orange. 346.4 g $55.50

A105.jpg (69267 bytes)

A116 Nice brown crust but only on the top portion of the piece. Really a bargain at this price. 46.5g  $10.25

A116.jpg (66914 bytes)

A118 49.9 g $9.00

A118.jpg (52211 bytes)

A141 149.8 g $27.00

A141.jpg (74096 bytes)

A143 64.6 g  $13.00

A143.jpg (61384 bytes)

A148 Has cuts on 3 sides. 55.2 g $9.50

A148.jpg (71679 bytes)

A149 Lots of nice metal blebs. 54.4 g $12.00 HOLD

A149.jpg (52496 bytes)

A153 58.4 g $10.00 HOLD

A153.jpg (81669 bytes)